Expanding Access to High-Quality Services

DHS is committed to ensuring all Pennsylvanians have access to high-quality services. What that means for you is:

  • Health care that fits your needs, both physical and behavioral. Now that Governor Wolf has expanded Medicaid, more than 700,000 Pennsylvanians have access to health care coverage through HealthChoices.
  • A shift in thinking for your health care providers, from volume to value. We are working hard to make sure those involved in your medical needs are focused on the outcomes of your health, not how quickly services are turned around.
  • In addition to ensuring parents have access to safe and reliable child care providers while they work, DHS places a high priority on improving the quality of early care and education programs for children so they enter kindergarten ready to succeed. After participating in high-quality, Keystone STAR 3 and 4 programs, the percentage of 4-year-olds with proficient language, math and social skills doubled to 78 percent in 2013-14.

Quality Measures

Physical Health Quality Measures

Behavioral Health Quality Measures