Mental Health Planning Council

Inpatient Survey Results 

Below you will find five different survey reports. Survey responses were collected from January-July of 2018. A total of 255 respondents participated in the survey. Surveys were categorized to hear from individuals who’ve received IP services, direct care staff, nursing staff, clinical staff and family members. A summary report as well as direct narrative responses have been provided for each survey.

In reading the comments of 255 survey respondents it is clear how powerful individual voices are, particularly when they are viewed in the collective. It was our desire for everyone to have access to the stories shared with us and hear from people in their own voices. In order to do this we removed any identifying information contained in the comments. The direct narrative responses can be found in the appendices of each report.

Any feedback or questions you may have regarding the surveys can be directed to the dedicated email account for the inpatient regulations at :

Direct Care                               Clinicians                                 Individuals                               Families                                  Nurses                                                                            

 MHPC Information

The Pennsylvania Mental Health Planning Council (MHPC) consists of three committees: Children’s Advisory Committee, Adult Advisory Committee and Older Adult  Advisory Committee. These committees come together to form the MHPC whose purpose is to advise on a broad behavioral mandate to include, but not be limited to, mental health, substance abuse, behavioral health disorders and cross-system disability.

OMHSAS Advisory Committees include individual representatives of youth, adult and older adult individuals who have been served by the behavioral health system, family members of such youth and adults, providers, advocates, professionals, their respective organizations as well as governmental organizations. At least 51% of the members are current or former behavioral health consumers and family members. Members are appointed by the Deputy Secretary of OMHSAS.