Veterans/ Military Families
 Vet Crisis
Pennsylvania has nearly 1 million veterans living within our communities; this is the fourth largest Veterans population in the country. Ultimately, after a decade of war and an unprecedented number of combat deployments our service members, veterans and their families are facing the consequences of the invisible wounds of war. The Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services is collaborating with other state and community partners and is committed to address the varied needs of our veteran population.
PA’s Veterans population:
  • PA has nearly 1 million Veterans
  • PA has the fourth largest Veterans population in the country
  • PA has over 19,000 men and women serving in the National Guard
  • The PA National Guard has deployed over 36,000 individuals during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts
  • PA is home to almost 700,000 wartime veterans
  • 70% of PA’s Vets are over the age of 55
Governor's Advisory Council on Veterans Services 
On Veterans Day 2013, the Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans Services was established as Pennsylvania’s first interagency cooperative approach to Veterans services. The council reviews, evaluates and assesses state Veterans programs in collaboration with senior staff from state agencies and commissions. It increases information sharing, ensures program fidelity, coordinates complementary programs and facilitates meaningful enhancements in service accessibility to Veterans benefits and services within Pennsylvania.
PA CARES Task force: Returning Military Personnel
Pennsylvania Americans showing Compassion, Assistance, and Reaching out with Empathy for Service Members (PA CARES)
OMHSAS has joined with various state and local agencies to form a voluntary advisory and action task force to assist veterans and their families with a successful reintegration back to their families and communities. 
This task force meets regularly to network and work collaboratively to develop initiatives to meet the needs of service members, veterans and their families. They will conduct evaluations of its initiatives and use consumer feedback to improve them. The task force also will identify avenues to bring resources to service members, veterans and their families as well as respond to requests for assistance.
For more information contact OMHSAS at 717-346-0359.