Sharing Life with 'Mom'
Meet Michael and Emily
Sharing Life with 'Mom' picture
Michael Snyder was living in a Hope Enterprise residential home when he met Emily Long, a Residential Habilitation Manager at the time.
The two formed a wonderful friendship.

In 2003, Emily moved on from Hope Enterprises. Michael and Emily continued to stay in contact through phone calls and text messages.

After a few years of living in his residential home, Michael decided that he wanted to be a part of a family. He expressed his desires to his team, after which Michael and his program director began their search for a family. They learned that Emily was interested.
On Emily’s application for Lifesharing, she wrote, “Michael been a part of my life since the day I met him and I want to give him a family, a home, and enjoy life with him."
"After a weekend visit and after hearing Michael call me ‘Mom,’ it made me realize that he belongs here with me. I want to give him the opportunity of a lifetime,” Emily said.

In 2012, Michael moved in with Emily and they began their journey as a family together.

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