Kelsi Basehore
Kelsi picture

Kelsi receives DHS services through the autism waiver program.

“The autism waiver program has given Kelsi a life and connections,” says her mother, Kathi.

The program connected Kelsi to a volunteer opportunity at Free Geek, where she helps recycle retired electronic devices. Through the program Kelsi also attended dance and theater classes at Cavod Academy of the Arts in New Holland, PA. She plans to take adult ballet in the fall. She learned about these opportunities from her behavior specialist.

Kelsi also joined Unending Promise, a group in Berks County that is branching out into more social things for individuals with autism. For example, they had a "meet up and connect" for young women where they do a craft and get to know each other.

She is currently not employed, but wishes to be. She also hopes to have a place of her own.

Autism acceptance can help her goal become a reality. “If you misunderstand us,” she says, “ Ask us questions. You need to express if you can’t understand.” She wishes people would show more respect toward people with autism. “Don’t judge,” she says.