Deputy Secretary for Medical Assistance Programs

The Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) is responsible for the statewide administration of Pennsylvania's Medical Assistance program that purchases medical and health care services on behalf of Medical Assistance recipients in an efficient, economical and accountable manner. Major program areas include: managed care services purchased on a prepaid capitation basis; long-term nursing home care; inpatient care; and outpatient services purchased on a fee-for-service or cost reimbursement basis. In addition, program responsibilities include monitoring fraud and abuse activities and assessing the quality of care received by recipients enrolled in both fee-for-service and managed care plans.

As a principal advocate for eligible recipients receiving Medical Assistance benefits, the Deputy Secretary plans, coordinates, and directs the provision of benefits and services throughout the commonwealth; consults and cooperates with federal and state government, private agencies and associations on the delivery of medical services to ensure that the quality of and access to these services are in compliance with federal and state regulations and resources; and recommends changes in law and regulations for Medical Assistance Programs.