OLTL HCBS Transition Plans

OLTL has five 1915(c) waivers and one 1915(b)(c) waiver. A Transition Plan was submitted to CMS for each waiver:

Approved by CMS                                                                        CMS Approval Pending

Aging Waiver Transition Plan and Settings Analysis Chart          CommCare Transition Plan and Settings Analysis Chart

Attendant Care Transition Plan and Settings Anaylsis Chart       OBRA Transition Plan and Settings Analysis Chart

Independence Transition Plan  and Settings Analysis Chart       HIV/AIDS Transition Plan and Settings Analysis Chart

Plan Comments                                                                            Plan Comments


OLTL Education and Outreach

OLTL will post Transition Plan education and outreach events as they are developed:

         •     May 7, 2015, Stakeholder Input Meeting

Stakeholder Input Meeting Agenda (click here)     

OLTL Transition Plan Stakeholders

OLTL is committed to stakeholder involvement in the development of its Transition Plans, as well as in the assessment of provider settings and the remediation processes. A representative list of waiver participants, providers and advocates can be found here.


OLTL has developed tools to assess HCBS provider setting compliance. As data becomes available from these tools, it will be posted on this site:

        •      Providers Survey Tool
                     o       Outcomes

        •      Participant Monitoring Tool
                     o       Outcomes

Other Transition Plans

In addition to the OLTL Transition Plans, both the Office of Developmental Programs and the Department of Human Services as a whole have Transition Plans:

Office of Developmental Programs Transition Plans

Department of Human Services Statewide Transition Plan

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