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Recipient Appeal Pilots

The Bureau of Hearings and Appeals (BHA) has recently received a large influx in the number of recipient appeals. In order to be most efficient, BHA has instituted Pilots to handle the processing of these appeals. The Pilots have begun in all of BHA’s regional offices to varying degrees.

One Pilot consists of a telephone Hotline in which the Program Office calls with the Appellant on the line and has them verbally withdraw their appeal after the issue has been resolved. Some of the Hotlines are actually manned with an Administrative Law Judge who receives the actual withdrawal from the Appellant and records the verbal withdrawal on the record. There are set days and times for this type of withdrawal.

Another Telephone Hotline Pilot is an automated one in which the Program Office calls a designated phone number with the Appellant on the line and records the Appellant’s request to withdraw their appeal. There is no restriction as to the time or day of the week that the parties can contact the automated Hotline.

Another Pilot instituted statewide is one in which the Appellant may email or text their request to withdraw their appeal to a generic email address of the regional office where the Appellant resides.

BHA has also provided participating County Assistance Offices with a Stipulation shell document which can be completed during a Pre-Hearing Conference should the parties be able to reach a resolution to the issue(s) under appeal. The Stipulation, which is agreed to by all parties, is then forwarded to BHA for their final approval.