Bureau of Human Services Licensing

The Bureau of Human Services Licensing is responsible for the overall management and coordination of all human services licensing programs administered by the Department of Human Services (Department). Responsibilities include the management, planning, direction, oversight, design, development, and administration of licensing statutes, licensing regulations and policy, licensing enforcement policy, licensing training, licensing research, and licensing data systems for more than 8,000 out-of-home care settings licensed by the Department serving over 89,000 adults and children with mental illness, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, behavioral, and/or cognitive disorders. 

Jacqueline Rowe, Director
Bureau of Human Services Licensing
Tel: (717) 772-4982

Division of Licensing Operations

The Division of Licensing Operations is responsible for the overall management of operations in the Central, Northeast, Southeast and Western Regions. Responsibilities include managing the operating and personnel budgets for the Bureau, including staffing, overtime costs, annuitant costs, travel, and operating costs; directing the complaint and incident investigation system that is administered by regional staff; directing death, rape and assault investigations; directing and coordinating law enforcement activities with the State Police, local police, and the Office of Attorney General; directing and managing the State Hotline including the on-call service system; and managing and directing labor relations actions.

Division of Regulatory Implementation

The Division of Regulatory Implementation is responsible for reviewing and issuing licenses to new care settings that meet regulatory requirements. Responsibilities include analyzing statutory, regulatory and policy implementation and compliance for the Department’s human services licensing programs; directing legal enforcement decisions and administration including hearing appeals, court injunctions, and settlement agreements with the Office of General Counsel; developing, directing and implementing licensing policy for the Department’s human services licensing programs; directing compliance with the Care and Dependent Person Act, in communication and in concert with the Office of Attorney General; and serving as a liaison to the Office of General Counsel for matters relating to licensing enforcement, regulatory development, and legislative amendments.

Division of Professional Development

The Division of Professional Development is responsible for directing the provider support program designed to assist providers with achieving regulatory compliance. Responsibilities include managing customer relations and providing training related to customer services; recruiting, managing, and approving provider and Department training sources; directing and managing the contracting process; managing contract development, authorizing and directing implementation of training grants, emergency purchase orders, building leases, service contracts, emergency relocation assistance contracts, etc.; and managing office services and supports such as procurement, equipment management, purchasing, invoice payments, bill tracking and VISA card services for the entire Bureau including regional office staff; and directing the Human Resource System including complement/position management, recruitment, interviewing, hiring/selection, transactions, timekeeping, SCSC list management and benefits; and liaisons with DHS Human Resources for all personnel transactions.

Division of Licensing Administration

The Division of Licensing Administration is responsible for conducting administrative functions for all licensing programs within the Department, including verifying initial application contents, fee collection, and license issuance. Responsibilities include directing the development of Information Management systems for the Bureau; conducting regulatory and other related research using varied Information Technology systems; reviewing and analyzing data from various data systems; organizing, sorting, and analyzing information; preparing detailed reports for the Bureau Director and Executive staff; and developing and managing various data analysis systems such as regulatory waivers, licenses, closures, and hearing appeals.