Help Fight Hunger

When it comes to fighting food insecurity, there are never too many cooks in the kitchen. What can you do to help fight hunger? Connect with a pantry near you to offer assistance and/or try one of these ideas:

  • Increase awareness about food insecurity at your school, place of worship, with your legislators, or local businesses.
  • Volunteer to teach cooking classes to low income families or deliver meals.
  • Plant an extra row of vegetables in your garden and donate the produce to your local food pantry.
  • Talk to people struggling with food insecurity about benefits that may be available for them.
  • Set up a Summer Food Service Program site at a local park or library.
  • Establish a local food alliance in your community or join one that currently exists in your community.
  • Advocate to your local school district that they implement innovative ways of providing breakfast to students.
  • Work with farmers to start gleaning projects where volunteers pick unharvested crops to get them into the hands of those in need.
  • Start a food pantry in your place of worship, school, or library.
  • Ask your grocery store if they donate their meats and produce to a food bank.
  • Hold a fundraiser dinner or fun run to raise money and awareness for a food pantry.
  • Talk to businesses and industries about how they can donate old box trucks or refrigeration units to food banks.