Mental Health and Developmental Positive Practices Resource Team

The Positive Practice Resource Team is a joint initiative between the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) and the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) to assist individuals with a dual diagnosis of Mental Health and Intellectual Disability. The purpose of the PPRT is to identify and develop system capacity and resources that will be dedicated to addressing issues pertaining to a person's behavioral support needs.  The initiative addresses those issues that, in the past, often resulted in state hospital/center admissions or incarceration.  The PPRT assists providers in continuing to serve those individuals who are experiencing difficulties and enhancing the provider's ability to provide comprehensive services in the future.

PPRT members include the following:  State Hospital and State Center Staff, ODP and OMHSAS field office staff and ODP Clinical Regional Directors, pharmacists from the State Hospitals and State Centers, the Bureau of Autism Services, Health Care Quality Unit staff, and advocacy groups.

If you would like to request assistance from PPRT, please contact your local county MH/ID Administrative Entity office who is responsible for making the referral to the respective ODP Regional Office PPRT point of contact.

Any questions and/or concerns can be addressed to the ODP PPRT Statewide Lead, Marlinda Smith at