State Hospital System Values
The State Hospital system places a high value upon:
  • The quality of life and inherent worth of the individual.
  • Facilitating hope, healing and recovery.
  • Being responsive to each individual’s recovery needs.
  • The individual’s need and capacity to be independent.
  • Confidentiality, dignity and personal integrity for individuals.
  • Being sensitive and responsive to culture, race, ethnic, religious, gender and sexual orientation differences.
  • Ensuring individual human rights free from discrimination and stigma.
  • The individual’s capacity to grow, thrive and achieve.
  • Designing comprehensive treatment programs for and with individuals.
  • Focusing on relapse prevention and early intervention.
  • Creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust and a safety partnership.
  • Cooperation with our community providers to promote and sustain recovery.
  • The presence of an empathetic, hopeful, continuous treatment relationship.
  • An environment that supports recovery and personal needs.
  • Implementing evidence and promise-based practices to provide quality services.