State Hospitals

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services operates six state hospitals. The links below, and in the "Related Topics" section, contain information about state hospital facilities and the state hospital drug formulary. If you are having difficulty finding the information you need, please Contact DHS.

Pennsylvania State Hospitals
Pennsylvania maintains the Clarks Summit, Danville, Norristown, Torrance, Warren, and Wernersville State Hospitals.
Mission Statement
To provide all persons who have serious mental illness, including those with co-occurring disorder, the opportunity for growth, recovery and inclusion in their community. This is provided through evidence and promise-based psychiatric treatment and substance abuse services, access to the supports and services of their choice, so they may enjoy a quality of life that facilitates personal growth and achievement.
Vision Statement
The State Hospital system will expand its role as an integral component of the unified mental health continuum by providing a comprehensive array of treatment, support and services in partnership with all stakeholders. The State Hospital system adheres to a "No Wrong Door" approach in order to include integrated services related to mental health, physical health and substance abuse disorders.


PA State Hospital System Length-of-Stay, Demographics & Diagnoses Reports
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