Long Term Care Services

Long-term care, sometimes referred to as Long-term living, is a wide range of assistive services provided to an individual based on their need.  Care may range from help around the home, to sophisticated medical care provided by a nursing facility. 

If you are looking for programs and services for older Pennsylvanias beyond long-term care, please visit the PA Department of Aging website at: www.aging.state.pa.us

You can apply for or renew your long-term care benefits online by using COMPASS. COMPASS is the name of the website where you can apply for long-term care services and many other programs that can help you make ends meet

Services My Way (SMW) provides a system of supports to assist participants in using self-directed services. Two types of supports are:

  • Information and Assistance (I&A) - These services assist participants in developing and managing their self-directed support services (e.g. assistance with developing and implementing a service plan and budget, accessing services and workers). They are often referred to as support brokers, consultants, or service coordinators. The Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL) refers to them as Care Managers in the Aging waiver and Service Coordinators in the Attendant Care waiver.
  • Financial Management Services (FMS) – These services are provided to (a) prepare and distribute payroll and address federal, state, and local employment tax, labor, and workers compensation insurance rules and other requirements that apply when the participant functions as the employer of his or her workers; (b) make financial transactions on behalf of the participant; and (c) generate reports for participants and state program agencies.

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