General Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is in General Assistance? 
The General Assistance amount varies from county to county, but people in most counties receive up to $205/month for one person and $316/month for two people. See here for the list of Family Size Allowances by county.

Does General Assistance have any income or resource limits?
Yes. The monthly income limit in each county is the same as the “Family Size Allowance” in that county.
In addition, individuals must have less than $250 in countable resources (or $1,000 if there is more than one person in the GA budget group). Your house and one car do not count as resources.

Can someone receive General Assistance if they receive Social Security or SSI?

No. People who receive Social Security or SSI receive too much income to qualify for GA. If these benefits stop, they can qualify.

Can someone receive General Assistance if they also receive SNAP (food stamps) or Medical Assistance?
Yes. If someone is already receiving SNAP or Medical Assistance (MA or Medicaid), they can now also apply for General Assistance.


Application for General Assistance (PA 600)
Employability Assessment Form used to verify permanent or temporary disability (PA-1663)
Verification that an individual is participating in a drug or alcohol treatment program (PA-1672)
Verification of domestic violence (PA-1747)