ACA Information for Providers

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act requires some changes for health care providers. Please use this page as your resource to determine how these changes may affect your organization.  As we move through the implementation of the new law, the department intends to use this page to provide regular updates. Please refer to this page frequently for the information you need.  Your questions or concerns about the changes should still go through your regular contacts within the Department of Human Services. 


Medical Assistance Bulletin 01-15-32 Revised Presumptive Eligibility as Determined by Hospitals

Presumptive Eligibility Training Document (text only version)

Presumptive Eligibility Desk Guide

2019 Income Limits for Presumptive Eligibility Groups


ACA Physician Fee Increases for Primary Care Services

Provider Organizations

Provider Enrollment and Screening Requirements of the Affordable Care Act

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Public Notice for DHS' Intent to Implement MAGI-Based Eligibility Requirement Early

Application for Section 1115 Waiver Demonstration Program